Recently diagnosed with prediabetes and feeling overwhelmed?

Ditch the diets and gain the confidence to lower your blood sugar
while still enjoying the foods you love.

I’m Vanessa, a Registered Dietitian and PhD in Nutrition.

You can reverse your insulin resistance or prediabetes by making small changes to how you eat, move, rest, and play. It doesn’t have to be hard or make you miserable. You can lower your A1c without restrictive diets, expensive supplements, or even counting calories. I have done it myself and you can, too. We can work together one-on-one, or as part of a private group.

Does this sound familiar?

You got your blood tests back and were told you have prediabetes. Or maybe you’ve noticed that your A1c has been trending up. You’ve been told to lose weight and cut out carbs. You think about food all the time — about all the foods that are off limits for someone with high blood sugar. Is gluten evil? How many carbs are in my milk? Wait, fruit is bad for me now?

You are not alone.

A lot of people are struggling to keep up with all the latest diets and ‘health’ food trends. There’s so much pressure to get it right. Add in prediabetes and insulin resistance, and suddenly you’re willing to try any supplement or fad diet that promises to lower your A1c or help you lose weight quickly. But restrictive solutions like eliminating all carbs didn’t work. Or they made you miserable with cravings, or feeling ashamed at ‘failing’. You didn’t fail — the ‘all or nothing’ approach failed you. No wonder you are overwhelmed and exhausted.

There is a better way to reverse your insulin resistance.

What if you could…
  • Fit in the foods that you love while still improving your insulin resistance?
  • Feel confident that you can lower your A1c and keep it from creeping back up?
  • Learn how to see past flashy health fads and decide for yourself if a food meets your needs?
  • Focus on behaviors and not the number on the scale?
  • Get rid of the afternoon slump and the need to eat every 2 hours?
let’s work together

If you are ready to lower your A1c, I am ready to help! Let’s set up a complimentary 15-minute phone call to discuss your goals.