Let’s Work Together

My practice is 100% virtual.

I offer science-based, weight-inclusive coaching to people interested in reverse their prediabetes or insulin resistance. Whether we work together one-on-one or in a group, I will help you come up with a specific plan to balance your blood sugar and lower your A1c. My goal is to help you make changes that are sustainable and are not radical, that is, no fad diets, detox juices, or eliminating entire food groups. I will also help you remove judgement from foods — no “cheat days”, “off-limits foods” list, or punishing yourself for “being bad over the weekend”.

Food can be a sensitive topic. Luckily, our diet is not the only thing we should address when improving insulin sensitivity. You will learn about the benefits of moving more and often, about the under-appreciated importance of good sleep, and about taking time for dealing with stress and finding support.

If you are ready to change your relationship with food and gain confidence in your ability to lower your blood sugar, I am here for you.

What I offer

1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 coaching packages include a 4-week intensive program (1 hour assessment and 3 weekly follow-up sessions), or a 3-month package (1 hr assessment and 6 bi-weekly follow-up sessions). All packages include fully customized meal plans sent out weekly.

Additional follow-up sessions can be purchased after completing your package.

Group Coaching

For those who prefer the added peer support of group settings, I offer an 8-week program called Blood Sugar Balance Made Easy. Kickstart your health journey in great company!

An individualized assessment can be added for an extra fee.

We are a good fit if:
  • You are serious about managing your blood sugar and reversing your insulin resistance or prediabetes.
  • You are ready to take charge of your health and understand that change is a process that requires consistency. I will gladly support you and work together on a plan.
  • You prefer a science-based approach. You are ready to stop counting calories and trying fad diets.
  • You are open to focusing on more than simply what you eat. Changes to how you move, rest, and play are also important when working to stabilize your blood sugar.
We are NOT a good fit if:
  • You are looking for a quick fix. Change does not happen overnight, but if you are willing to be consistent and patient, you will notice improvements to your health.
  • You are looking to eliminate whole food groups such as carbs. Unless you have food intolerances, a healthy diet can fit all foods.
  • You are not ready to prioritize yourself. Simply making an investment in working with me will not magically improve your insulin resistance.
  • You prefer in-person appointments. At the moment, my practice is 100% virtual. I am happy to help you navigate the technology.

Ready to get started?

Let’s set up a complimentary 15-minute phone call to discuss your goals.